Kill a Word: Why Choice Still Matters


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Important Week

This week there has been a lot of discussion about many really important topics. From a national (United States) perspective, we had the State of the Union Address. Personally, I didn’t watch it live – but soon after had the ability to understand a several distilled versions of what points and counter-points were – thank you, Internet.

Although difficult in practice, in 2018 we’re fortunate to live in a world that you have the luxury of choice. We have options on where we listen to others points of view – and don’t confuse it, luxury is the right adjective. An important element here is that you chose where you go for such updates and conversation.

The decision about where you elect to go is your choice. Your self-determined destination. Be it online, or offline.

Once there, that is a different story – but that isn’t the topic for this time.

An important (and tactical) element is the concept around the choice of words. Words build sentences, which then build paragraphs. Those paragraphs come together ultimately to tell a story. So then the question is what story are you choosing to read. For those expressing viewpoints (in any capacity), it is your responsibility to be selective and thoughtful about the words you ultimately chose. Those cascading choices come together to convey the message you’re putting into the world.

With Choice, You Have Responsibility

So with that, the challenge for all of us is to Kill A Word.

Take a few seconds. Re-read that and truly think about what Kill A Word means. If preferred, check out what Eric Church Band and Eric directly have to say about it.

“To me, it’s an important song…as I hear it, and I hear what’s going on – not just in country music, but in music – umm, there’s a few songs on this album, but specifically this one that I think it’s important. I think it is important to be out there and for people to hear…and attach to their lives.” – Eric Church (via YouTube on March 28th, 2016)

What’s the Point?

Take the time you’re alotted and think before you put something out for others. Do not take that level of self-control for granted. That choice is one of few basic human and self-determining actions we all have in our toolkit.


Check out the performance Live at Red Rocks performance of Kill A Word here



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