Memento mori | Holly Butcher: 1990 – 2018

To start, know that in my mind this post was not going to exist. Not yet at least. There was a rough outline of a plan on what the cadence would look like, because despite any perceptions – I am not here to stand on a (mini) soapbox.

But then again, life happens…

After a personally ‘big’ day for reasons that are not relevant to others – today was important. Returning home and taking a short nap, I woke to link that had been shared with me by someone important in my life.

Upon reading, after only a few paragraphs in – I stopped. It hit me really hard. But not for the sadness of the story that undoubtedly followed further down the page – for the inspiration and purpose it displayed.

While living in NYC, I decided to finally get a (small) tattoo. There were two elements and it is in a fairly hidden place on the inside of my left arm. One of the elements had been on my mind for well over a year after having come across it – the idea of Memento mori.

…In other words, “remember death” or “remember that you will die”

The concept is about perspective and the value in practice of reflection upon one’s mortality. See it in the right light, and it can be a source of nearly boundless ability to focus on the things that are important.

Whether or not you choose to read Holly’s post is somewhat irrelevant. Thinking about things, and valuing yourself and your time have left is relevant.

That said, I would strongly encourage to make it all the way through – even if it is piece by piece. Because ultimately, that is the point.

..’Til we meet again.

– Holly Butcher


2 thoughts on “Memento mori | Holly Butcher: 1990 – 2018

  1. Appreciate this post. I too, constantly remind myself of my own imminent death and that of my loved ones. By considering death often, we actually end up living more. It’s an amazing paradigm.


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